About Breanna Gingras

Breanna Gingras

Operations Manager


Honest, Passionate, Driven

Breanna grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento. Her family has lived in the Bay Area for five generations and has owned homes all over East Bay and San Francisco. Breanna was introduced to the world of real estate by the Jodi Nishimura Group right out of college and immediately fell in love with the opportunity to be a part of one of the most important investments in someone's life. She is drawn to the non-traditional aspects of life in Real estate, finding that every property is unique and carries its own set of challenges. 

Breanna attended Mills College in Oakland, CA with a B.A. in Politics, Economics, Policy, and Legal Studies with a concentration in Legal Institutions and Processes and a minor in Business Administration. Breanna is passionate about prisoners' rights and recently spent five months volunteering for the ACLU as an intake counselor for the Legal Policy Team. Breanna's next volunteer mission will be working with local non-profits to help combat food insecurity in the community. 

In her free time, Breanna loves to snowboard in the winter, camp/hike national parks in the summer, and travel as often as possible.

What do you love most about this work?

"My love language is acts of service and that really shines through in this work. We truly do everything we can to ensure our clients' needs are met. Our job doesn't end after a transaction is closed, we are right there offering contractor recommendations, connecting clients to trusted vendors, and offering to cater house warming events. Anything it takes to make the stressful process of buying or selling a home as smooth as possible."

Work With Us

Kai Real Estate helps East Bay area homeowners navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home in a seamless, successful, enjoyable way. Our client-driven approach and unparalleled service have earned our team a place among the top 1% of East Bay realtors. With each home transaction, we lead with kindness, cultivate a culture of authenticity, and advocate for our clients with integrity. Whether you’re looking to craft a winning offer or attract the right buyer, we are here for you.

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