About Rachel Melby

Rachel Melby



Rachel is a tech and marketing veteran turned Realtor who discovered her passion of helping people find their next home while serving as an undercover real estate matchmaker through her El Cerrito-based forum, @thelittlehill. 


Rachel has years of experience building strategic partnerships, leveraging data, and developing content for companies like Google and YouTube. After years of helping big tech get bigger, Rachel dreamed of nothing more than working alongside folks in her own East Bay community. 


“My vision is to connect my clients with homes, lifestyles, and communities they love. For me, falling in love with your life and the community you’re sinking roots into is just as important as finding the right house— and I’m committed to helping clients learn what’s special about where they live.”


Hailing from Sonoma County, Rachel has lived in more than a dozen homes across San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, and El Cerrito. Today, she and her family enjoy life in El Cerrito where her children attend public school, and where she sits on the Economic Development Committee— advocating for small businesses around town.


When she’s not buying and selling houses, you can find Rachel hiking the hillside with her pandemic puppy Coco, strolling Solano Avenue on a never-ending quest for quirky home goods, or—of course, on Instagram.

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