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Soren O'Connell

Soren O'Connell



Soren began his real estate career with Berkeley Hills Realty in March of 2021, and moved to Kai Real Estate in March of 2023. He is a graduate of Dominican University of California, where he earned a BA in communication.

Born and raised in Berkeley, Soren grew up attending open houses with his mother, Berkeley Hills agent Romney O’Connell, absorbing knowledge of Bay Area real estate from an early age. He is proud to carry on the family legacy in this field.

Before real estate, Soren was a radio broadcaster, calling play-by-play for college soccer, basketball, and softball games. In addition to live coverage, he hosted a talk show interviewing student athletes. In 2019, Soren became the broadcaster and baseball operations assistant for the San Rafael Pacifics, an independent baseball team. He continues to work for the Pacifics to this day.

Soren’s natural interest in analytics, honed in his sports media background, allows him to advise clients with precision and discernment. His easygoing, friendly demeanor makes him a favorite with clients, who find that he is a responsive, thoughtful, and invested guide throughout the buying and selling process. He is able to size up the real estate game with the speed and accuracy of a trained eye and communicate his insights to clients with the clarity of a born teacher. He is looking forward to building relationships with new clients.

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