About Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman

Realtor® | Jodi Nishimura Group


Josh joined Kai Real Estate and the Jodi Nishimura Group to work with the best in the business and to have a platform to pursue all of his real estate passions: from helping a first-time homebuyer find the perfect place to being lead developer in a multifamily construction project for his investment partners.

Josh bought his first investment property in 2005 which is when he “caught the real estate bug” and has been working full-time in the industry since 2010. His primary markets are Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito and San Francisco. His primary areas of focus are the following: 

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE, which includes single family homes, condominiums, TICs (tenancy in common), duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, make up the bulk of Josh’s business. Josh enjoys building relationships with homebuyers and sellers, studying the pros and cons of properties, arranging home improvements (pre-sale for sellers and post-sale for buyers), beautifully staging properties prior to going to market, and negotiating the best deals. 

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS is the second most active area of Josh’s business. Josh forms investment groups made up of individuals who pool their resources to buy properties they could not purchase on their own. Josh loves leading investment groups as he interacts with various government entities, tenants, lenders, general contractors, and the numerous other vendors required to run a project properly. 

Josh was born and raised in Berkeley, CA, and after many years away, he settled back in North Berkeley with his wife and two sons. Josh graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in English literature, after which he went on to attend San Francisco State University and earn an executive MBA. Josh is an avid swimmer and hiker and loves to spend time with family and friends. He is passionate about the Bay Area and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for the region and all that real estate has to offer with his clients. 

Josh’s favorite part of this work: 

“Successful real estate transactions depend upon in-depth discussions with clients about what they need and thorough analyses regarding what the market will bear as it relates to the properties in question. The part of the business that I love the most is listening keenly to my clients and finding the sweet spot where those two points intersect. For me, success as a Realtor means knowing that I have truly helped my clients by delivering their wishes and creating value for them in today's competitive marketplace.”  

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Kai Real Estate helps East Bay area homeowners navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home in a seamless, successful, enjoyable way. Our client-driven approach and unparalleled service have earned our team a place among the top 1% of East Bay realtors. With each home transaction, we lead with kindness, cultivate a culture of authenticity, and advocate for our clients with integrity. Whether you’re looking to craft a winning offer or attract the right buyer, we are here for you.

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