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The House Flipper

Nkosi Groover entered the real estate game as a technology and investing enthusiast, bringing a unique perspective to the buying and selling process. Today he expertly advises clients through every step of the transaction, providing them with valuable data and analytics which help inform their decisions. It’s all in a day’s work for this jazz musician and amateur chef who proudly calls the Bay Area home.

A Florida native, Nkosi received a bachelor’s degree in Information Management Technology from Syracuse University. He moved to the Bay Area after graduation and jumped straight into the world of IT infrastructure and support, with much of that work revolving around the real estate industry. 

It wasn’t long before he began investing in his own fix-and-flip properties, an endeavor that has taught him a lot and serves his clients extremely well. 

“I think my investment background really sets me apart. I can look at a property and assess the turn-ons and turn-offs.” His favorite part of the job is gathering that information, relaying it to his clients, and advising them on their options. 

“I love being able to provide advice and clarity for my clients as they make these major decisions,” he says, adding that he’s always willing to “talk real estate” with anyone who will listen.

Jamaican food with a side of jazz

When Nkosi isn’t combining his tech and real estate expertise for the benefit of his clients, you can find him exploring his adopted home with his partner Angel. 

“The Bay Area is an amazing place to live. The weather is great and the access to the outdoors really can’t be beat,” he says, adding that he enjoys taking advantage of the many hiking trails in the area. 

He’s also extremely passionate about veganism and enjoys making his own creations in the kitchen (his Jamaican and Italian dishes are particularly noteworthy). 

Once the dishes have been put away, you might find him relaxing to jazz, particularly John Coltrane. It makes perfect sense, because Nkosi himself has played the saxophone since he was in fourth grade. 

“My father brought me into the music world, he’s a keyboardist. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to understand, study, write, compose, and play music.” 

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