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Kindness. Authenticity. Integrity.

Embark on a transformative journey with our real estate family, where growth isn't just a goal – it's a shared passion. Join our vibrant community of agents who embrace the values of Kindness, Authenticity, and Integrity, and together, let's elevate the real estate experience to new heights.

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About Kai Real Estate

Kai Real Estate, founded in 2022 by top Berkeley Agent Jodi Nishimura, emerged as a response to the challenges she faced in the industry. Jodi, initially part of a boutique brokerage she cherished, sought an alternative to traditional models after it was acquired. Frustrated with high splits and minimal services, she discovered eXp Realty's agent-friendly approach but missed the local boutique presence. This led to the birth of Kai Real Estate, a community-driven agency that combines agent-friendly splits with the personalized touch of a boutique brokerage. Over the past two years, Jodi and her team have dedicated themselves to serving agents by sharing the systems and technology that propelled her success. The co-founder, Eric Gavidia, brings over 15 years of experience as a professional fundraiser for nonprofits, applying his expertise to create a coaching and mentorship program. Kai Real Estate, a hub for modern agents seeking growth, offers real coaching for real-life success in East Bay's real estate community.

We Invest In Your Success

Office Space
Presence on Solano Avenue
Workstations, Conference Rooms, & Private Meeting Rooms
Fully Staffed M-F
Professional Copier & Office Supplies
Event Hosting Opportunities
Fully Stocked Breakroom
Weekly Team Meetings
Online Slack Community
Accountability Partnerships
Mastermind Groups
Lofty - CRM platform for lead generation and organization
SISU - Back end transaction management & detailed reporting to help you meet your goals
Slack - All-purpose communication platform and collaboration hub
G-Suite - Collaboration tools to increase productivity
Skool - Online platform for Real Estate training courses
Canva - Designing customized or templated marketing material
In-House Marketing & Branding Consultations
A-Frames, Hanging Signs & Business Cards
Customized Buyer & Sellers Guides
Social Media & Email Marketing Templates
Beginner Agents..

We have created a team model focused on increasing agents' production and implementing systems that are proven to grow and sustain their real estate business.

  • You consider yourself a high achiever and don't want to be one of the many agents that fail out of this industry
  • You want to join a collaborative community that you can learn from and lean on 
  • You thrive in environments where you're held accountable
  • You're invested in your business and want to grow your own independent flourishing business one day. 


Seasoned & Experienced Agents... 

Join our "hybrid" model for real estate agents seeking a functional bridge between the "disruptive" virtual eXp brokerage model and a more traditional boutique brick and mortar complete with professional office and holistic agent sales support.

  • You're tired of the traditional brokerage model that lacks support and community
  • You're eager to take your business to the next level and adopt our systems proven to help excel your transactional business
  • You're invested in your business and want to grow your own independent flourishing business one day. 


You have questions, we got answers!

It’s the largest and most agent-friendly cloud-based brokerage. 

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While eXp is a great model, it is missing a key component that Bay Area realtors have come to expect, which is a community of successful agents and a brand that sets us apart. Kai is bridging boutique branding with the amazing benefits of the eXp model, while creating a local top producing eXp agent community. 

eXp Realty Split 

  • $135 Start Up Fee then $85/mo for technology
  • Agents split their earned commission with the brokerage at an 80/20 percentage
  • Commission split cap is $16,000 (Team Agents only $4,000) per anniversary year for each agent
  • After reaching the commission split cap, agents keep 100% of commission on all
    transactions for the remainder their specific anniversary year
  • E&O Insurance - $40 per sale until you reach the $500 annual cap
  • $25 Broker Review Fee per sale

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Kai Real Estate Split

We have 3 different split structures that agents can qualify for. The criteria is based on your production, length of time in the industry, and business needs. 

Our splits range from 35% - 10% with the ability to cap so you keep your hard-earned money! 

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